PhishDetect is a tool to help at-risk users block and report potential phishing and malware attacks.
Are you an at-risk user? Install PhishDetect Browser Extension, configure your preferred PhishDetect Node, and receive immediate protection from blocklisted websites and email addresses, and report to the operators anything you find suspicious!
Do you provide digital security support to at-risk users? Set-up your PhishDetect Node, have your beneficiaries install the extension and configure it, receive alerts when they visit websites or receive emails you blocked, and easily receive reports of suspicious emails and links!
PhishDetect Browser Extension hooking into Gmail's web interface.
PhishDetect warns that the link was detected as a phishing page.
PhishDetect informs that the visited link is a legitimate site and will redirect to it.
If you are interested in using, or especially, in contributing the development of PhishDetect: